Little Barker

An educational game about Laika, the first dog in space



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Little Barker - Kudryavka is a 3-D adventure and puzzle game where you play as Kudryavka, better known as Laika, one of the first living creatures sent into space.

During the game you will get to know about how Laika's life was before setting out on her space mission. The object of this part of the game is to pass a series of levels in which you will have to solve certain puzzles (using boxes) in order to get something to eat.

As you advance through the levels, finding something to eat becomes more and more difficult. The addition of a dog catcher who will kill Laika if he catches her doesn't make things any easier.

The tragic part about Little Barker - Kudryavka, is that after everything, when you reach your objective and get to the man who saves your life giving you a sausage, this very same man signs you up for the space program, sealing Laika's fate.

Little Barker - Kudryavka is an educational puzzle game that, while not being overly challenging, offers players a very interesting experience to learn about one of the most famous dogs in history.
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